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More than just data! Our WHOIS domain database is a comprehensive and well-structured solution.

5+ billion WHOIS Records
317+ million Active domain names
2850+ TLDs & ccTLDs

Get access to exhaustive historical WHOIS information about a given domain name that we have been collecting for you since 2008. Everything is in there, including the name of the person or organization who registered a domain name you need to know about, contact details, registrar, and cool details like expiration, last update, and creation dates. There is more too...

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first check what we can offer you!

We offer an exhaustive and timely analytical WHOIS historical database. You can get our files in formats you will like—MYSQL & CSV. Each entry contains all of the analyzed WHOIS domain data fields that can be easily processed by your applications.

Why WHOIS Database Download

Concerned about your brand protection?

Check the domain name registration and expiry dates, similarities, duplicates or imitators and any other details for general or specific business purposes such us marketing research or brand protection.

Afraid of buying dubious domain names?

Check the historical information of the domain name from the registrar before you go ahead with ownership transfer.

Working with law enforcement agencies?

Domain names can be cybercrime clues worth investigating. Use our database to check ownership details and find other domains with shared WHOIS information.

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