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Hey Friends! We're Whoisology
Whoisology is a searchable domain name reverse whois / ownership database with over 1 billion individual domain name records that are updated pretty regularly. Reverse whois is used for cyber crime investigation / InfoSec, corporate intelligence, legal research, business development, and for good ol' fashioned poking around.

Your Job Is Serious. Data Is Boring. Look A Monster! ->
Sifting through data can be incredibly hard. We took time to figure out how we could make massive amounts of legally mandated public data digestible. We've succeeded. Domain name whois lookup data has always been publically available, but now it's actually usable.

Over 1 billiom Whois Records Are Worth Dealing With A Couple Monstrously Bad Puns
And one monster joke.
Q: Why are monsters fingers never longer than 11 inches? A: Any longer would be a foot!
Yeah ... we went there.
Our Data Is Monstrous